5 Interesting Things About Cats


Many of us find cats to be aloof and mysterious especially when compared to dogs. Some might even say we need them more than they need us. It’s this independent nature that makes cats such great pets for many individuals and families. And because we love those intriguing members of the feline family, we thought we would take a look at a few things that are special about cats.

Cool cat

So how does a cat keep itself cool when it gets hot? Easy, they sweat through the pads of their feet. In fact, it is not uncommon to see little wet footprints when fluffy gets too warm. They may also sweat if they are scared. Way back when, cats originated from the dessert, cats are good at seeking out places where they can stay cool, like under the shade of a leafy tree or on the chilly tile floor of a bathroom. One cat we know likes to hang out in their home’s basement during the warmer months where it is always ten degrees cooler.

What? No collarbones?

Ever wonder why cats are able to squeeze into all of those narrow, tricky places and spaces? Well, one reason is because they do not have collarbones! This way, a cat is typically able to fit into a space as wide as its head. This ability has proven quite beneficial when it comes to hunting and getting up to other cat mischief.

There’s an earthquake coming…

Although there is no firm proof, many believe that cats are able to sense an impending earthquake. There is some evidence to suggest that cats may be able to sense changes in magnetism and static electricity as pressure builds underground prior to the quake. It has even been suggested that the pads of their feet are sensitive enough to sense seismic activity that modern day equipment cannot. Throughout history there have been stories of cats, animals and other critters fleeing areas that are about to experience an earthquake.

Cats can survive on seawater

Yes it is true! Cats can drink saltwater. Their kidneys have this incredible ability to filter out the salt so that their body can absorb the unsalinated portion of the water. In addition to keeping ships free of rats, this may be another reason why cats have done so well on boats throughout history.

Cats are the home’s visible soul and owning a cat is a great feeling. 

It’s a kitty Baby boom

Animal shelters have been finding themselves overrun with an increase in cats and kittens. One theory is that global warming, which brings with it longer and warmer seasons has been creating just the environment that cats like for mating. Cats typically pair up in the warmer months of the year. This warming trend has essentially created a longer breeding cycle and thus more cats. Shelters which would have typically found themselves void of kittens during the winter months are now seeing them. Currently, there are more millions of more cats in the world than dogs.

We hope you found these facts interesting. We sure did. Cats keep surprising us and will probably do so forever. So that we can keep the surprises coming, it is important to keep our cats healthy. One way to do this is by making sure that along with a healthy diet our feline family members are also receiving a nutritious vitamin supplement.


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