5 Interesting Things You Might Not Have Known About Your Dog


We know that most of us already think are dogs are pretty interesting characters, which is not an uncommon way to feel about the things we love. But dogs are unique creatures with an ability to surprise us just because of the special beings they are. With this in mind, we thought we would dig into a few of those interesting qualities and talk about them a bit.

Dogs can read our emotions

Ever had a moment when you were feeling blue and then look down to notice that your pup has come over to rest her head on your lap to cheer you up? Or, ever notice that when you are angry your pooch kinda scurries under the table? Well, that is because dogs are very sensitive to emotions and thus act accordingly. It has never been scientifically proven but there is strong evidence to suggest that dogs are quite empathetic.

Domesticated dogs are roughly as intelligent as a 2 year old child

That’s right; it is believed that a typical domestic dog is just as intelligent as a 2-year-old child. Dogs can even understand over 165 words. Dogs prefer short, simple words versus more multisyllabic words. If teaching your dog language, consistency and patience is the key.

Dogs can literally smell fear

A dog’s amazing sense of smell is no surprise to most of us but it might actually surprise some that dogs can literally smell fear. When a person is scared, they excrete certain hormones that dogs can actually smell. The experts believe dogs can smell 1,000 to 10,000 times better than humans. Dogs have even been known to smell cancer in people before they have been diagnosed. Additionally, some dogs can smell when a person is on the verge of experiencing a seizure. This incredible ability to smell subtle chemical changes in a person’s body is why so many dogs are used today to assist those who experience seizures other conditions.

Dogs consider food a great source of enjoyment

Ever set down your favorite afternoon snack, turn your back for just a second and find that the very same highly anticipated snack has disappeared? Unsurprisingly, the only witness to the snack’s disappearance is Fido and that guilty glint in his eye. Dogs adore food and find it one of the most enjoyable things in life. Consequently, they are willing to pay the price with your admonishment than allow the food to go uneaten. Oddly enough, a dog would most likely never eat anything they were not supposed to if you were looking at them. They will always wait until your back is turned. Clever!

Dogs give us their everything and serve us in return for scraps.

Dogs don’t like to be hugged

Yep, it’s true. As a general rule, dogs do not like to be hugged and there is a very simple reason. They see it as a threat and it may make them uneasy. Most dogs will tolerate the hug, especially if the dog is yours but it doesn’t mean they like it. Next time you hug your dog notice their reaction. You might be surprised.



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