5 Unbelievable Things Your Dog Can Smell


Ovulating Cows

Old McDonald had a farm and on that farm he had an ovulation smelling dog? It might seem crazy but farmers are using dogs and their amazing sense of smell to help tell the farmers when their cows are ovulating. In the long run, this helps save these farmers a lot of money when it comes to gauging the right time for them to impregnate their cows. Farmers oftentimes must procure the genetic material of bulls for insemination, which is very costly, and if the timing is not right then the farmers have lost money.

Bed Bugs

Good night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite! They won’t if you have a bed bug sniffing dog around. With the increase in the amount of bed bug infestations being reported across the country, individuals, including exterminators and potential home buyers, are using the incredible olfactory skills of dogs to help sniff out the bed bug infestation that may be lurking. Unbelievably, dogs have shown to be 96% accurate in detecting bed bugs.


Bee keepers have found that the keen sense of smell dogs are equipped with is useful in helping them detect certain bacteria in their bee colonies. If the dogs detect that the bacteria is present, the bee keeper can take the appropriate action in keeping it from spreading to other hives. With the use of a dog specially trained to detect the bacteria known to spread the harmful bee disease “American Foulbrood”, bee keepers are able to check more hives more quickly and are thus able to address possible spreading of the bacteria more quickly.


Without question, one of the most amazing things that a dog is able to smell is cancer. Yes, that’s right, cancer. Believe it or not but dogs are able to smell certain cancers like breast and lung. This is because the cells of these particular cancers have a unique smell, which is exhaled by the individual who has the cancer. A specially trained dog can smell this waste product. Unbelievable.


Most of us have watched DVDs but not too many of us have probably stopped to sniff one before placing in the DVD player, but what may surprise you is that the material used to make DVDs, which is polycarbonate, has a distinct smell. Law enforcement agencies have employed the use of specially trained polycarbonate sniffing dogs to help them stop DVD pirating rings in Asia and the dogs have been quite successful.

A dogs world is clearly one full of more smells than we as human beings could ever imagine. This sensory bombardment must be difficult at times.


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