6 Strange Behaviours You May See Your Cat Displaying


Cats can sometimes be very unpredictable little critters. They may creep slyly around your home one minute and jump on you to surprise you the next. Cats are intriguing and even a little strange at times. Some strange behaviours have tried to be explained while others remain a mystery. Here are six odd behaviours and some possibly reasoning behind them.

Head Butting – Sometimes your cat may appear to be head butting you. Many feel that this behaviour is actual your pet marking their territory. Others believe that this may be a way of communication.

Nail Biting – Although this may not sound like an odd behaviour, it can look very strange. Seeing your cat curve his or her paw around and start chewing their nails may seem strange, but most likely nails of your felines are too long. If this is not the case, your cat may have developed nervous habit.

Rubbing Against You – This is long been presented as your cat marking their territory. Many cat owners look at this as a compliment. They are showing ownership in the sense that you belong to them.

Attacking your Feet – If you have ever randomly walked past a table only to be completely startled by your cat attacking your feet, you are not alone. These attacks are most likely your cat playing despite how abrupt they may appear.

Laziness – Many people attribute cats to laziness. Cats do appear to sleep the bulk of the day; however they are typically not fully-asleep and therefore are ready to jump into any action that comes their way.

Utilizing Small Spaces for Sleep – If you have ever found your cat tightly curled up in your bathroom sink or in a box, you are not alone. Cats tend to curl up and seek shelter in small areas because they feel more secure.

You may find your cat’s strange behaviours amusing or endearing, but either way it can truly be a little quirky. Keep your feline ready for adventure and play by providing them with a healthy diet and consider adding NuVet Plus from NuVet Labs.

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