Neighborhood Pooch on the Loose


It can be a tricky situation when your neighbor’s dog is constantly getting loose in the neighborhood. This can be especially unnerving if the dog is unfriendly and you are caught outside face to face with the pooch. It becomes an even messier situation if you have your own dog, or even a small child with you during this encounter. Depending on the circumstances and how it impacts you as well as the welfare of the pup on the loose, you may go about handling it in varying ways.

  • Bring the dog back
    Depending on your relationship with your neighbor as well as the dog, you may want to bring the dog back to their rightful owner. Again, this can greatly depend on how well you know the dog, its demeanor, and if you are certain you know the rightful owner. You never want to approach a dog that you do not know because they can be aggressive or scared. Given those circumstances, any dog could act out of character and bite so make sure to be cautious if you choose to bring the pup back home.
  • Let the neighbour know
    Sometimes dogs find their way back into their own yards before the owner realizes that they left in the first place. This may seem hard to believe, but some dogs are sneakier and more inquisitive than others and find ways out of a thought to be secured yard. Sometimes, they make their way back in just as they had finagled out. If you feel comfortable with your neighbor, you may consider letting them know their pup is playing Houdini throughout the day. It may be a simple fix for them in the yard to make sure their pooch is secured and safe – and where they should be.
  • Leash law in area
    Sometimes a dog getting loose doesn’t involve the sneaking out of a secure area; sometimes the owner allows them outside unleashed in an insecure area, such as a front yard. If this is occurring and the dog continuously is wandering around, you may want to check if your town has a leash law. This would require the dog to be leashed when off the owner’s property. Leash laws help ensure the safety of a pet, as well as others. If an owner is not abiding and their dog is getting out, potentially in harm’s way, you may consider speaking with your neighbor if you are comfortable doing so.
  • Contact animal control / safety
    If none of the above has worked and the pooch is still loose around the neighborhood, another option to consider is to contact animal control or animal welfare. They may be able to safely secure the pet and speak with their owner regarding local laws or requirements as well as how to keep their pet safe and at home.

In dealing with neighbors and their pets it can be a complicated situation. How you handle it greatly depends on your comfort level, your relationship and what you feel is best for your individual circumstances. Use the circumstances to do an evaluation of your own dog’s quarters to make sure they are secure and safe for him or her. As always, make sure your dog’s dietary needs are being met so they aren’t trying to sneak out to look for some additional food.

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