Nuvet Labs Reviews : 5 Things That Are Dangerous for Cats


Your cat is your companion. They provide you with love and friendship, and the feeling is most likely mutual. As independent as your feline may be, they still look to you for nurturing, attention and care. Keeping your pet healthy and safe comes along with that care and knowing what items could be harmful to your lovable feline is important. Listed are five things that you may not have known may be dangerous for your cat.

1. Chocolate – Chocolate can be toxic for your cat, just as it is for dogs. Caffeine and ingredients are toxic for felines and should never be given to them.

2. Onions and Garlic – These ingredients may be tasty in your dish, but keep them clear of your cat. Onions and garlic can cause anemia and other severe complications in cats.

3. Plants – (indoor and outdoor) – Some of those beautiful plants and flowers can be detrimental to your cat’s health. Lilies can cause kidney failure while Poinsettias can lead to vomiting and diarrhea as well as breathing problems for your cat.

4. Human Medications – Many cats are naturally curious and sometimes this curiosity can lead to a dangerous situation. Keep all medications, yours and any your pet’s locked up and in a safe area that is not accessible to your cat. Accidental ingestion of any medication can lead kidney and liver failure, and even death.

5. Household Cleaners – You may want to think twice about placing a monthly cleaning tab in your toilet or using a harsh cleanser to wash your floors. Many cleansers can cause burns to a cat’s mouth and nose, lead to breathing problems, and sometimes far worse.

As a pet-parent, it’s important to look out for your pet’s best interests. Feeding them a healthy diet is one way to look after them. Adding immune support from NuVet Labs that was created with your cat’s needs in mind is a great way to add to their daily diet. Check out the NuVet reviews where customer’s experiences with using NuVet Plus with their pet. NuVet Labs has several products for your dog or cat.


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