Bringing Your Dog Back Into Routine After a Long Tour


Vacation and travel can be a wonderful thing, especially when you are able to share the adventure with your pet. However, the road home is typically a bit more difficult and harder to adjust to as the excitement out to your destination. This readjustment can also be difficult for your dog as well. Along with all of the excitement and change in routine that can sometimes take a toll on your pup, readjusting when you return home may be a little trickier than anticipated; however with a few helpful suggestions, you may be able to help your pup transition back into the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life at home.

Once you return home the extra attention your pet may have received is typically gone. If you chose to take your pet along with you for vacation, you most likely travelled somewhere where your pet was welcomed and given special attention. Now that you are home, they may be feeling a little neglected. Now it’s not to say that you don’t give you pup much needed attention, but the little extra attention that they may have received may be sorely missed when they return home. Make sure you don’t turn off the attention suddenly with your pup and slowly help them adjust back to being home again.

Help your pet acclimate back to your normal routine after the shift from being on vacation. Along with being out of town comes the shift in yours and your pup’s everyday schedules and routines. Once you arrive back home, help them slowly shift back into the normal schedule of walks, feedings and play time. It may take a little time, however falling back into the expected routine of things may help curve some anxieties from your pet’s recent shift in routine due to travel.

Make sure you continue to feed your pet their regular diet and in the location where they have always been fed in your home. Keep your pet active and on schedule as best as you can. Consistency with your pet is a good idea for helping them readjust to normalcy.

As a pet parent, your dog’s well being is a major priority for you no matter what the circumstances. Provide your pet with a healthy diet and consider adding a nutritional supplement to their daily routine.


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