NuVet Labs Reviews : Caring for a New Puppy While Working Full Time


When a reader of NuVet Plus reviews gets a new puppy, it is always an exciting time. For new pet owners who also work full time, however, it can be a challenge to properly care for the pet, which includes training the puppy and housebreaking it. With the right schedule and a bit of help, however, it is completely possible.

Timing the Adoption
Whenever possible, pet parents should try to schedule some vacation time for a few days or longer immediately following the adoption of their new puppy. The new puppy most likely will be excited and nervous about their new home, so having the primary caregivers around to help them get adjusted can help considerably. Many puppy owners say that the first few nights are filled with crying puppies, and that knowing they do not have to go to work the next day can be comforting as they deal with the lack of sleep. The owner can also work at establishing a routine for the puppy to start training them and teaching them the rules for the home.

Using Help
Puppies require a lot of work during the day. They need to be entertained to avoid mischief, they need exercise, and they need ample opportunities to go to the bathroom along with reinforcement to begin training. Working with an experienced dog sitter or doggy daycare who will provide the puppy with the training and attention required can be an excellent option. Many NuVet Labs reviews readers have also found that even committed family members or friends who are willing to spend the required time with a dog can be helpful.

Making Schedule Adjustments
Regardless of the type of outside help the puppy owner uses, they should also try to come home as often as possible in the weeks and months following the dog’s adoption, such as taking lunch breaks at home. While this might not be possible for everyone, it does help the owner be more involved in the puppy’s training and helps them solidify their bond with the animal. As the dog matures, regular trips home will become less essential.

When pet owners make the decision to adopt a new puppy, working full time can make the process more difficult. With careful planning and a bit of outside help, however, it is possible to raise a well trained and well adjusted pet. Consider adding immune support for your puppy with NuVet Plus. Take a look at what others are saying in their NuVet reviews and see how their puppies have benefitted from additional immune support.


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