NuVet Labs Reviews : Easing Separation Anxiety in Dogs


Dog anxiety can impact many pet owners who are looking for NuVet Plus reviews. When dogs feel anxious about being separated from their owners, they can wreak havoc on the home, bark for hours, and experience a tremendous amount of stress that no loving pet owners wants their animal to experience. Fortunately, it is possible to help animals deal with the inevitable separations in a healthy way.

  • Practice with them
    Help dogs overcome their anxious feelings by practicing leaving, so that the dog will begin to trust that the owner will come back. This can be as simple as picking up the keys, walking out the door, turning around and walking back in. As the dog becomes more comfortable with these steps, slowly lengthen the amount of time that the owner leaves.
  • Leave the dog comfortably
    Many pet owners find their dogs fare best when they are taken on a rigorous walk right before the owner has to leave then given plenty to eat and drink. This will help the dog feel relaxed and comfortable. Pet owners who read NuVet Labs Reviews also know the importance of leaving plenty of toys and other safe things for the dog so he can keep himself occupied. If the animal has major problems with chewing furniture or damaging the house, it may be a good idea to confine them to particular areas, such as a kitchen or laundry room, to minimize their potential damage.
  • Offer the dog comfort during departures
    Many pet owners find that small tokens, such as a sweatshirt that has their smell, can be helpful for dogs as they adjust to periods of separation. The smell can help calm the dog and give them something to cuddle with until the owner returns.
  • Remain calm
    It is always critical for pet owners to remain calm during the preparations and actual departure to help the canine companion remain calm as well. If the owner makes a big deal about leaving, they will only add to the stress.

Although separation anxiety can be a source of stress for both the dog and the owner, there are ways that people can help their four legged friends learn how to cope with departures. Those who read NuVet reviews know that making them a happier dog can help improve their quality of life. Follow these suggestions, but speak to the vet or behavior experts if the behavior continues.


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