NuVet Labs Reviews : Holiday Plants to Keep Away from Your Pets


As a pet parent you make every effort to make sure your home is pet-friendly and safe for your dog or cat. You make sure your pet gets exercise, keep them groomed, and may also add a nutritional supplement to their diet. Consider adding a supplement from NuVet Labs to your pet’s daily regimen. Reading the nuvet reviews are a great way to learn about what customers have to say about these supplements.

The holidays can bring about a lot of extras in your home and in turn, your pet may become a bit too curious and tempted by these distractions. Plants can be one of them. Although there are quite a number of plants that can pose a risk, three common ones are mentioned below.

Poinsettia – Seemingly the most well-known of toxic plants, these decorative holiday staples can pose some health risks for both your dog and cat. The plant can cause a variety of symptoms such as irritation to the mouth and stomach, vomiting and diarrhoea and much worse depending on how much has been consumed.

Mistletoe – An often overlooked risk to your pet, Mistletoe can be a severe concern for your pet. The toxic chemicals for your pet can cause severe stomach issues. Based on your individual dog and how much is ingested it can even lead to seizures or death.Holly – Another holiday classic yet toxic for your dog or cat is Holly. If consumed, this can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal issues and pain.

NuVet Labs’  supplements are specifically designed with your pet’s needs in mind. Check out the NuVet reviews to start learning more about other pet owner’s experience with NuVet Plus and NuJoint DS. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and wellness routine for your dog or cat, keeping the house clear of possible toxic plants during the holidays is important.

In decorating for the holidays, don’t forget that it’s important to always keep your pet’s interest in mind. A new plant or decoration can be a huge temptation for your dog or cat. If you choose to add any of these to your holiday décor, make sure that it is completely unattainable for your pet. If ever your find that your pet has consumed a toxic plant, you should contact your vet immediately.


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