Travelling With Dogs : How to Keep Them Happy


Road trips and travel can be quite the adventure for anyone. For the pet owner, it can be a greater adventure to have your pooch join in on the fun; however it can also prove to be a bit challenging. Taking your pup on vacation is a process and requires a bit more preparation and attention. While some pups always seem up for a new adventure, others may be a little harder to please while traveling. In either regard, keeping your pup happy with a little extra preparation may keep their tail wagging throughout the trip.

Bring Home with You – Whenever possible, bring something along with you on your trip that reminds your pup of home. This may be a stuffed toy, a blanket that they use or even their bedding. The scent may help alleviate any angst about the new travels ahead.

Avoid Car Sickness – Some dogs get car sick which can make for a tedious and sometimes messy drive. Traveling on an empty stomach may help your pup’s symptoms. If that isn’t possible, feeding them as far out from departure may be the best option. If the motion sickness is that unbearable for your pet, seeing your vet for further help is recommended.

Bring Regular Dog Food Along – Don’t forget to bring your pooch’s regular food along for the trip. It’s never recommended to suddenly switch food on your dog and you never know if you are able to access your pup’s regular food where you are heading. If you provide your dog with a nutritional supplement, such as NuVet Plus from NuVet Labs, make sure you bring those along too. NuVet Labs NuVet Plus supplements are specifically formulated with your dogs’ needs in mind. Many NuVet reviews have been written by customers who have seen great benefits from these supplements with their own pets. Check out the NuVet Labs reviews to learn more about other pet owners experiences with this supplement.

Allow for Breaks and Stretches – Just as you most likely struggle with being cooped up in a small space while traveling, your dog probably does as well. Make sure you stop often for breaks and allow your dog to use the bathroom and stretch their legs for a bit.

Crate Travel – If you choose to have your dog travel in their crate, make sure that the crate is appropriately secured and well ventilated. It also may benefit your dog to make sure that they have something to keep them busy in the crate. A favorite dog-approved chew toy may be helpful.

Never Leave Your Dog in a Car – Most importantly, never leave your dog unattended in a car while traveling. Make sure your dog is able to be appropriately attended to prior to leaving for a trip. Cars can get extremely hot amongst other things which could put your furry friend in a very dangerous or life-threatening situation.


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