NuVet Plus – Cool Summer Treats for Pets


Summer may be your pet’s favorite season, and for good reason. Your dog can run around in the yard and have the freedom to exercise and play. Your cat may bathe in the sun or cool off by lounging in the grass. Either way, you probably love the special time you get to spend with your pet in the sunshine and the great outdoors. Don’t forget to pamper your pet this summer and provide them with these hydrating treats.

Cool Summer Treats for Pets

  • Give your dog an extra-delicious ice cube treat by freezing chicken or beef broth in an ice cube tray. Add it to your dog’s dinner or give it to your four-legged friend in its water bowl after an afternoon of playing outside. It quenches your dog’s thirst and stimulates its taste buds at the same time.

  • Make your cat a special snow cone to enjoy on the warmest days of the year. Simply place ice in your blender and shave it. When it is all shaved down, serve it in your cat’s bowl and watch your cat enjoy this summer treat.

  • Keep carrots in your refrigerator and give them to your dog to munch on after a fun day of playing outside. A cold carrot will taste good to your dog, and it will help occupy your pup after it has been romping around the yard.

  • Serve up a unique, cat-friendly freezer meal for your feline friend. Open a can of wet cat food and cut it into cubes. Place the cubes in the freezer. Once they are frozen, serve them to your cat after a warm day of playing and bathing in the sun.

These treats will not only provide your pet with something tasty, but they will also offer an extra dose of stimulation throughout the day to help keep them occupied. Of course, don’t forget to make your pet’s nutritional needs a top priority. Consider adding a pet nutritional supplement to their diet. Supplement products, such as NuVet Plus, will fill in the nutritional gaps left behind by regular pet food and will help provide your pet with extra immune support. A daily supplement can help prevent disease and infection in your pet, while also providing your pet with the boost of energy it needs to get the most out of the summer months. For more information, visit the NuVet Labs website today.


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