NuVet Plus – How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at Everything


For dogs, barking is one of their most basic instincts. It’s their way of communicating with you and with other animals. It may be how they show excitement, and it could also be how they show anger. Many dogs bark in order to alert their owners. While barking certainly has its purposes, some dogs may bark excessively. This is annoying for pet parents and can become a nuisance for neighbors. The good news is, if your dog is an excessive barker, there are steps you can take in order to curb this habit.

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at Everything

  • Avoid yelling at your dog while it is barking. When you yell at your dog, your dog feels like you are barking along with it. This will only encourage your dog to bark more, and will only make the situation worse. Remember that your dog doesn’t understand phrases like “shut up” or “stop barking.” Teach your dog the “Quiet” command in order to effectively curb barking.
  • Provide your dog with new toys and other fun things that will stimulate it. Many dogs simply bark out of boredom. If your dog is stimulated and distracted by other things, it won’t even consider barking incessantly.
  • Simply ignore your dog’s barking if necessary. This is a good tactic if your dog barks in order to get your attention for no good reason. Ignore your dog for as long as it takes, and when it becomes quiet, be sure to praise your pet.
  • Be sure to give your dog plenty of attention and exercise opportunities each day. When your dog is tired from playing, it won’t have the energy to bark for the sake of barking.

When your dog is happy and healthy, you will learn how to communicate with your pup and how to curb the bad habit of excessive barking. In addition to working with your dog on a daily basis and training it properly, you also should make nutrition a top priority. You probably chose a high-quality pet food for your dog but you may want to consider adding a nutritional supplement to its diet. NuVet Plus is a supplement that helps to fill in the nutritional gaps in your dog’s diet. It helps to boost your dog’s immune system and will give your dog the energy it needs to play and interact with you each day — ensuring that your dog is too busy to bother with the nuisance of barking.


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