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Bloat and torsion can be a serious and potentially fatal condition in your canine friend, so it is important to become familiar with the disease so that you can recognize the symptoms immediately. Owners who get their animals emergency care offer them the greatest opportunity for relief and survival. As anyone who reads NuVet Plus reviews knows, the health of an animal impacts their quality of life and their lifespan. Here is what all pet owners should know about bloat and torsion.

What is bloat and torsion?

Bloat and torsion describes a condition when the dog’s stomach dilates and rotates or twists. As the stomach rotates, it can cause a number of problems, including damage to the cardiovascular system, the inability of blood in the arteries to deliver nutrients to the body’s tissues – which can lead to cell damage and organ death, and increased pressure in the abdomen.

What symptoms should owners look for?

Any owner who reads NuVet reviews will be paying attention to their pet’s health, and thus should quickly notice the symptoms of bloat and torsion. If you do see these symptoms, it is important to get emergency care for your animal.

. Anxious behaviour

. Depression

. Abdominal pain and distension

. Excessive drooling and profuse vomiting (to the point of dry heaving)

. Tachycardia (extremely fast heartbeat)

. Laboured breathing

. Weak pulse

. A pale mucus membrane

If you suspect your pet has this condition, it is important that you bring them to the vet right away. The doctor will likely use x-rays, other imaging techniques, urine analysis, and similar tests to determine whether or not the dog has the condition.

What animals get bloat and torsion?

There are a number of different factors that influence what animals are afflicted with bloat and torsion. The risk increases with age, as it is rarely seen in puppies. A family history of the condition also places the animal at a higher risk. Larger breeds, especially those who are known for having deep chests, are particularly at risk. This includes breeds such as great Danes, standard poodles, and German shepherds.

Dogs can also exacerbate their risk with certain activities such as eating and drinking excessive amounts or being too active right after eating.
As those who read NuVet Labs reviews know, taking care of a pet requires learning about animal health and working to give them a nutritional diet and well-rounded lifestyle. Understanding this potentially dangerous condition can help pet owners be even more attentive and possibly save their save pets’ lives.


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