Why Cats Do Strange Things


If you’ve spent any time at all around cats you know they reliably provide unprovoked entertainment through their odd habits and crazy antics. From their desire to rub against everything to their need to swat at anything that dangles, cat behavior often seems strange and unexplainable. While even feline experts won’t claim to know the reasons behind all of the odd behavior, there are some cat activities with understandable motivations.

Kitty Massages

Cats seem to have an insatiable need to, well, knead. Like a miniature masseuse, your cat will push her paws rhythmically on just about anything: the carpet, a pillow, a mattress, even you. Kittens instinctively knead their mother’s chest to stimulate the milk. This behavior stays with them, often exhibited when they’re content, and some experts even suggest your cat views you simply as a larger version of a feline. Other explanations include the residual habit of wild cats tamping down a place to sleep or using their paws’ scent glands to mark their territory.

Strange Snacks

Some cats are known to chew on strange items, including fabric like wool. Although some of this behaviour is simply an urge to nurse, if your cat has a habit of eating things like cloth, paper, or wires, she may have a dietary or medical issue. A supplement like NuVet Plus could restore proper nutritional balance. Even a disease like diabetes or an immune system problem may be the culprit. In addition to other NuVet Reviews, one remarks specifically about boosting cats’ immunity. NuVet Plus Reviews offer helpful information when speaking to your vet about feline eating issues.


What is the deal with cats and boxes? Forget the fancy cat condo; just throw an empty box on the floor and your cat will be entertained for hours. Their hunting instincts draw them to a spot where they can hide while still seeing whatever is approaching. The nearly complete confinement of a box with just one open side makes it a secure spot for whatever your cat is up to.


When your cat is rubbing against your leg or your face or your arm, it’s known as bunting. You probably think it’s cute – and it is – but it’s also her way of marking you with her scent so any other cat knows you belong to her.


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