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Typically, you aren’t going to find a cat running around the house and jumping up and down to go on a car ride like a dog would. However, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your cat home during your next family trip. Travelling with cats is entirely possible, and these tips will help make it easier for you to include your furry family member in your vacation. It’s important to evaluate your own cat’s personality as well as take into account your destination before deciding whether you should travel with your cat or not.

Tips for Travelling with Cats

·       If you plan to travel by air, note that small cats can actually stay in the cabin with you in a crate. Check with the individual airline that you will be using, but many will accommodate cats that are up to 15 pounds. Remember though that your cat will be contained in its crate for a significant period of time. Give it a chance to use the bathroom and have some food and water before you board the plane.

·       If you plan to travel by car, be sure to secure the carrier that you will be using for the duration of the trip. The cat should always be in its carrier when the car is moving, and that carrier should be fastened with a seatbelt in order to keep your cat safe. Throw in a favourite blanket, a toy or one of your own T-shirts in order to comfort your cat on the journey.

·       Always bring the food that your cat is used to for your vacation. You also will want to bring any medications that your pet might need while you are away.

·       Make sure the place that you are staying is aware that you are bringing a cat. There are many hotels that are considered pet-friendly facilities, where your cat will be welcome. A little bit of extra planning ahead of time will make your arrival much smoother.

Be sure that your cat stays safe and healthy throughout your entire vacation. Consider adding a pet nutritional supplement to its diet, such as NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus is a multivitamin for pets that includes minerals, antioxidants and nutrients that all cats need to develop a strong immune system and healthy structure. The NuVet Plus reviews page is the place where pet parents can find out the best and most reliable information about this product. Check out the NuVet reviews from other cat owners today.


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