Nuvet Plus Wafers

Do Nuvet Plus Wafers Do Anything For Your Dog?

There are a host of foods, and supplements that you can buy that are supposed to help your dog in some way. It is hard to tell fact from fiction unless you have a doctorate in chemistry and animal biology. The items below examine what NuVet Plus wafers claim to do for your dog.

What it is?

NuVet Plus wafers are a synergistic immune system support with vitamin and mineral supplement for your pooch. The basic idea behind the product makes perfect sense.

Why you need it?

Your dog is closer to the ground than you are. That means the dog is exposed to a higher level of chemicals that are bad for the dog’s health. Some of the things that dogs get a big dose of are yard chemicals and house cleaning chemicals. All of these can degrade a dog’s immune system.

You can help prevent some of the chemical interference for your dog when they have a strong immune system. By choosing natural products with your dog’s health but you cannot change the air that the dog breathes. All dogs do not get the best diet possible to guarantee optimum health.

What it looks like?

The NuVet Plus wafers are bite sized. The wafers are made with real chicken liver so you can use them like dog treats. The flavor makes the dog want to take their supplement. You do not have to fiddle with trying to hide the thing that is good for the dog in their food.


Dosing depends on the dog’s weight. The recommended daily dose is one-half wafer for dogs that weigh five pounds or less, one wafer for dogs that weigh more than five pounds, and two wafers for dogs that weigh over 100 pounds. One 90 wafer bottle will last three months for most dogs.

What is in it?

The major components are vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, and selenium. The wafers also contain high levels of all the B vitamins and iron. The amino acids and antioxidants that are known to be necessary for dog health are included.

The idea here is that no added chemical substance will impact a dog’s health.

What does it do?

Some of the components of NuVet Plus wafers capture free radicals. Free radicals can be precursors to poor health in dogs just like they are in humans. Reducing free radicals is a preventative function.

Each part of a dog’s body has a specialized bacterial community. Chemicals and poor nutrition can cause the bacteria that provide dog’s natural immunity to deteriorate. Restoration of immunity is a primary function of the nutritional supplement.

The combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is made specifically to improve dog’s health, behavior, and looks.

Are there guarantees?

The wafers are made by NuVet Labs. The company is a pet nutrition expert. Veterinarians are intimately involved in each step of the design and development of all products. The lab is registered with the FDA.

Each bottle of NuVet Plus wafers has a 60 day money back guarantee. Unused returned products are not resold.