NuVet Reviews : What to Do When Your Dog Gets “Skunked”


Every dog owner dreads the day his pet encounters a skunk. None are safe: the smell-spraying critters are found in urban, suburban and rural areas alike. It’s never a pleasant experience if it happens to you, but there are specific steps to take if your dog is on the losing end of a skunk encounter. Time is essential – treat your pup as soon as you realize he’s been “skunked.”

Immediately determine where he was sprayed. The smell can be overwhelming, but you need to know if the skunk hit his eyes or if there was any biting during the encounter. Thiol, the chemical that causes the noxious scent, also causes inflammation in the eyes, nose and mouth. If you suspect your dog was sprayed in the face or was bit by the skunk, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Once certain that your dog was only sprayed on his body, keep him in a safe area outside your home. Getting skunk smell out of your furniture is a much tougher task than de-skunking your pup. Trim away longer areas of the coat that got sprayed, especially if they’re already matting. Pat him with paper towels in the skunked areas. Don’t rub, as the oils in the spray will only spread to unaffected areas of his coat.

Everyone has a home remedy for removing the scent of a skunk, but few actually eliminate the odor completely. Some store-bought skunk odor removers are effective, but you may not have them on hand when the enemy strikes. Chemist Paul Krebaum developed a mixture that the Humane Society now recommends (you may want to increase the measurements for a large dog):

1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup of baking soda

1 teaspoon of liquid soap (some recipes recommend using only hand soap, while others suggest dishwashing soap).

Massage the mixture into the affected areas of your dog’s fur and rinse thoroughly. The peroxide could lighten your dog’s coat if left on too long. Follow up with a full body shampoo, using a product like NuVet Odor Control Shampoo. Towel-dry your dog and leave him in a warm area.

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