Can Dogs Suffer from Nerve Damage ?


Nerve damage is a cause of concern for humans, as it can cause serious illness or even death. Likewise, dogs may also suffer from nerve damage, and it can be just as devastating for dogs as it can be for humans. The following information will help dog owners understand the causes, symptoms and preventative measures for nerve damage in dogs.

Causes of Nerve Damage in Dogs

Just as in humans, nerve damage in dogs can be caused by several factors. An external injury to any part of your dog’s body can cause nerve damage. Environmental issues, such as toxins in the air, ground or water can cause nerve damage. Nerve damage may also be congenital, passed down from your dog’s parents and grandparents. Some medications can cause nerve damage in dogs, as can certain types of illnesses, such as hypothyroidism or tumors.

Symptoms of Nerve Damage in Dogs

One of the most common symptoms of nerve damage in dogs is the one that is most difficult to diagnose or discover. Nerve damage can cause pain for your dog. Many dogs signify pain by crying, barking, or scratching and chewing the spot that is causing the problem. Seizures can also be a sign of nerve damage. Paralysis, dizziness and difficulty walking or maneuvering on steps or climbing on the couch or bed may signal nerve damage. Dry nose, mouth and eyes can also be symptoms of nerve damage in dogs.

How to Prevent Nerve Damage in Your Dog

Nerve damage in dogs can be difficult to prevent. The first thing you should do is consult your vet about any changes you make to your dog’s diet, daily routine or medications. Do your best to keep your dog away from any harmful substances or chemicals. Make sure to keep up-to-date on medications, and don’t skip your dog’s regular vet visits. You should also feed your dog a food that is comprised of high quality ingredients and gets higher ratings from sites such as DogFoodAdvisor. Your dog will also benefit by the addition of a supplement that will ensure that he gets the recommended daily dosage of all vitamins and minerals that are vital to keep his systems functioning properly. NuVet Plus is specially formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of most dogs. For more information on NuVet Plus, including NuVet Plus Reviews and NuVet Labs Reviews from many satisfied pet parents, visit us online today.



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