Doga : Yoga for Dogs


Yoga is a peaceful form of exercise designed to replenish the mind, body, and spirit through breathing exercises and expert poses. Many people have found yoga to be beneficial for both their physical and emotional health, and now many pet parents are hoping to provide their dogs with the same benefits. Doga is a new form of yoga practice. Defined as yoga for you and your dog, this type of exercise allows you to achieve greater harmony with your dog.

All About Doga

Doga is a partner yoga practice. During doga sessions, pet parents will do certain stretches or exercises with their pets. This allows them to connect with their pet while also providing their dog with the physical fitness that it needs for the day. Many doga classes also incorporate meditation, massage, and even chanting into the sessions.

Yoga practitioners have found that many doga poses mirror the natural yoga poses that they perform on their own during traditional sessions. For instance, many dogs stretch their legs and begin to bow, and doga instructors have found that this mirrors the downward-facing dog pose of traditional yoga practice. During a doga class, pet owners will work with their pets to gently help them into the pose and will also perform breathing exercises of their own. The overall goal is to increase the level of harmony between the pet owner and the dog.

However, doga does have some critics. People who are truly committed to their yoga practice may feel that doga mocks the actual practice and encourages people to enjoy yoga simply as a fad. These same critics also feel that having the dogs involved in the practice can prevent their human partners from fully concentrating on their breathing and meditations during their poses.

Only you can decide if doga is the right type of exercise for you and your pet. In addition to providing your pet with physical activity each day, you also will want to make sure all of its nutritional requirements are met. NuVet Plus¬†offers excellent immune support for dogs. To find out more about this pet product check out the¬†NuVet Plus reviews. Pet parents from across the country have provided NuVet reviews for others to read. This honest feedback can be used as a resource as you make this important decision about your pet’s health.


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