NuVet Reviews – More Strange Things Your Dog Does


Anyone who’s ever spent any amount of time around dogs knows that the list of strange things they do could go on for days. It’s part of the reason they hold such a big place in people’s hearts. Here are a few more insights behind the silly things your dog does, which are been clarified with solutions by experts in their NuVet reviews.

Run, Run, Run

If you’ve seen the viral video of the lab “running” in his sleep then seeming to wake up and run himself right into the wall, you know this is a normal behaviour for sleeping dogs. That poor pup just took it a little too far. So why do your dog’s paws and legs twitch whenever he sleeps? The reason may be as simple as you think: he’s dreaming of running. Maybe he’s chasing that elusive squirrel that taunts him during the day or reliving that nice long jog you took him on that morning.

Slight twitching during sleep may indicate your dog is cold and his body is trying to increase its temperature, as experts mention in their NuVet Reviews. Turn down the air or turn up the heat if you think this is the cause.

That’s the Spot!

Most people get a good chuckle out of making their dog’s leg pump wildly by scratching them in just the right place. This actually stems from their genetic history. Even though that good rub on his belly feels great, your dog’s body perceives it in the same way that it does a flea or pest bite. The natural instinct is bring up the leg and scratch the irritation. Although your dog’s brain knows it’s you (and therefore prevents him from scratching the heck out of your hand), his body still insists on going through the motion.

Doggy Perfume

In addition to a dog’s superior sense of smell, dogs find pleasure in different odors than people. Mud, feces, garbage – all of these things offend the human nose, but dogs often find them delightful. So delightful, in fact, they like to roll around in them. Sometimes they do that in lieu of scratching. Other times, the scent is so impressive or it’s representative of something they like so much, they take want to take the odor with them. In the wild, dogs covered themselves in different scents to mask their approach as they stalked prey, thus giving an evolutionary element to the behavior.


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