Nuvet Vitamins

Why Give Your Pet NuVet Vitamins? Pet Experts Chime In:

Regardless of what age or developmental stage your dog or cat may be going through, vets tell us that pets have special, ongoing needs throughout their lifetime. It’s hard work for puppies and kittens to grow into healthy and happy companions for their owners, requiring additional nutrition during key phases of growth. While some pet owners treat their puppies and kittens as though they were simply smaller counterparts of their fully grown selves, the facts are clear that special nutrition is required during younger weeks and months. NuVet vitamins gives puppies and kittens their best start, with more than 30 key vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, antioxidants, and nutrients to deliver optimum health benefits.

Dogs and cats in their prime are not without nutritional needs, simply because they have made it through their formative years. Ongoing health benefits of NuVet vitamins include maintaining a healthy immune system and protecting the health of your pet. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants protects your pet’s heart health and lowers their risk of health conditions. NuVet protects dogs and cats from the damage of free radicals as well. Giving your dog or cat NuVet vitamins is the best thing you can do to protect their health and ensure they stay healthy as they age.

Senior dogs and cats have special needs as well, and NuVet vitamins does not stop short of dealing with the unique requirements of your aging pet. As dogs and cats age, they are more at risk for certain health conditions, while risk of injury increases as well. Just like humans, pets who are aging will go through a lot of physical changes, meaning their nutritional needs will change throughout this time. NuVet vitamins protect your pet and keep their immune system strong so their overall health will remain at optimum levels. With age, the immune system can become weaker. NuVet vitamins build strong immune systems that stay strong throughout the life of your pet.

NuVet Plus is formulated and manufactured using human-grade ingredients that are a healthy, nutrient-rich complement to your dog or cat’s already healthy diet. If you’ve been looking for a product that offers your pet the vet-approved amounts of nutrients, you’ll find NuVet is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Our recommended NuVet Plus is superior to herbal remedies and other vitamins being sold today for the simple reason that it has been exclusively formulated for your pet’s health.

At Pet Friendly Magazine, we’ve seen a lot of supplements come and go over time, yet most are simply another form of the same products that have been on the market for years. NuVet is completely different, and guarantees their product or your money back. Visit us online at to learn more about your pet’s health and discover how NuVet can help you provide your pet with everything necessary to maintain great health for a lifetime of happiness.