How To leash Train Your Cat: Adding The Leash And Going For A Walk


So you’ve gotten Fluffy comfortable wearing her harness and she’s strutting around the house like nothing is out of the ordinary. Those happy neighborhood strolls you have always dreamed about taking with your feline are closer to becoming a reality. The only thing left to do is add the leash and practice. Here is what we recommend…

Selecting a leash

If you did not purchase a leash when you selected your cat’s harness, you are going to need to pick one up. Cat leashes are not the same as dog leashes. Typically a cat leash is much lighter and made of more flexible material. This is because cats are lighter than dogs and not as forceful on a leash. It is not a good idea to use a heavy chain or a retractable leash as they can become tangled up in your cat, you or other items you may encounter on your walk.

Time for the leash

Now that you are confident that your little ball of fur is happy with her harness you can now attach the leash. A good rule of thumb, just like with the harness, is to get your cat comfortable with the leash to the point where she really won’t give it a second thought. After she has been wearing the harness alone for a while, attach the leash and just let it hang. Allow your cat to walk around with the leash dragging behind her. This will get her used to the weight of the leash. Make sure to stay nearby in case the leash gets tangled or stuck on a piece of furniture. Offer your cat treats and praise during this process. Repeat as often as needed until Fluffy seems comfortable.

Let’s go for a walk!

Now for the fun part! Pick up the leash and go for some practice walks around the house. Let Fluffy lead the way. Don’t pull on the leash or hold it too firmly just keep things nice and relaxed. Take a walk around the house and when you are comfortable head outside. Take your time. Have Fluffy explore the back yard with you in tow. When Kitty seems comfortable with her forays near the house now you can decide if you are ready to head down the block or the park! Your walks will never be the same. We bet you become the envy of your cat loving friends and neighbors. Don’t be surprised if you start to notice more cats around town going for walks.

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