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In the last century, the amount of pollutants that humans have produced and emitted is astounding. Pollution has risen exponentially, and it is impacting the health of humans and pets alike. While there is a conscious effort by many people in today’s society to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, it is still important to be aware of the effect pollution can have on animal health. Understanding these facts can help pet parents protect their pets from the harmful effects of pollution.

How Does Pollution Affect Pets?

·       At its most basic form, pollution in the form of littering puts pets at risks. Dogs might accidentally pick up a dangerous product, such as a plastic bag, sharp object, or poisonous food item, while out for a walk. Cats may encounter garbage and go digging on their nightly stroll through the neighborhood. This can make your pet ill or cause health-related complications if they ingest something dangerous.

·       Chemicals and other pollutants are running rampant through the water supply. When you provide your pet with a bowl of water from the tap, you may be serving up a side of chemicals that will have a negative impact on their system. Consider giving your pet purified water in order to be extra cautious, especially if you live in an urban area.

·       Air pollution can prevent your pet from truly enjoying the great outdoors. Pets that live in highly polluted areas may suffer from lung disease and other breathing complications. They may suffer from allergies that are a direct result of the pollution in the air. This impacts your pet’s quality of life, and can prevent them from enjoying normal activities such as walks, play time and exercise.

·       Utilizing lawn fertilizers and pesticide products will pollute the grass that your pet walks on each day. This can be dangerous to their health in both the short and long term. Always try to use pet-safe lawn products.

People are only now just beginning to realize the impact that pollution has on an animal’s health. In order to protect your pet and boost its immune system, consider adding a pet nutritional supplement such as NuVet Plus to its diet. This supplement can provide your pet with the defense it needs to battle the pollutants in the environment and throughout the home. To find out if NuVet Plus is the right product for your pet, check out the NuVet Labs Reviews page.


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