Quality Ingredients Matter

Quality Ingredients Matter

NuVet Plus is designed to maximize the health of your pet; in fact, there’s no other supplement on the market that contains the high quality ingredients you’ll find in NuVet Labs’ easy-to-swallow wafers and supplement powder. You can see results in the clarity of your pet’s eyes, the shine in their fur, and the bounce in their step- they’ll notice the difference in the way they feel.

NuVet Plus Contains:


Essential for proper development of bones, brain, and nerves; making it an exceptional choice for younger pets.  Manganese is also necessary for proper metabolism and nutrient absorption, blood sugar regulation, mood balance, and energy levels.

Oyster Shell

Necessary for hard bones, teeth, and cell function support. NuVet Labs looked at numerous options for calcium in their supplements; they choice oyster shell because it best meets the needs of growing pets.

Amino Acids

Used by every part of the body, amino acids are an essential ingredient in NuVet Plus. Pets need amino acids in their diet to break down large pieces of food into absorbable sizes, so nutrients being ingested can do what they’re intended to do. Just as amino acids provide a higher quality of life to humans, they offer the same reliable results to pets of all ages.