I would definitely like to thank NuVet Labs for NuVet Plus!!!

I would definitely like to thank NuVet Labs for NuVet Plus!!! My Mastiff puppy at the time in 2007, Morpheus was undernourished and lacked appetite for his age of 11 weeks old. I was blessed to be referred to NuVet Labs to try NuVet Plus and found that within days, his appetite became healthy; he gained weight and muscle and now is amazingly healthy for his age of 7 years old now!! My other Dogue de Bordeaux Bella is happy on NuVet Plus as well and has been able to live a great life too!! Thank you so much for allowing me to enjoy such a great level of life with my canine kids!!!

Khalid S.
Beverly Hills, CA

I love the NuJoint DS.

I love the NuJoint DS. It is human grade, made by the NuVet company and I know it works.

My American Bulldog Topper had an accident and broke 2 vertebrae in his spine at 18 months.  I was told by 3 vets to put him down. I ran with a wing and prayer and took off from Effingham Illinois to Speonk on Long Island New York. We saw Dr. Jay Wen, an angel and vet for all times. He did some work on Topper (Dr. Wen uses both Eastern and Western veterinary medical procedures) and Topper walked out of his office but was to be on a special herbal concoction Dr. Wen makes from that point on. Dr. Wen told us to expect him to live till he was about 6 years old as his injuries would leave him with no quality of life by then. We followed his program faithfully but started Topper on Nu Vet along with all our other dogs.
We noticed Topper having more difficulty getting around about 5 years of age so we asked Dr Wen about adding in NuJoint. He said to try it as it could only help, it wouldn’t hurt. After 2 months he had the spring back in his step and was a happy boy again. Topper just passed away last month at the amazing age of 11.25 years. Nearly double what was expected. He had great quality of life all those extra years. And we know that Nu Joint did that for him along with the special meds and a wonderful vet from Speonk New York.

Trish M.
Lerna, IL

I am so impressed with this product.

I was skeptical about trying NuVet for our silver lab Atticus who was 8 months old when he started taking the wafers. He had extremely itchy, dry, flakey skin and his fur was coarse and brittle…Two months later, his fur is soft and his skin condition has completely disappeared. I am so impressed with this product, I can’t stop telling everyone about it. We got a new chocolate lab puppy recently named Stella, and started her on NuVet also. Her coat is healthy, shiny, and soft too. I love your product, it’s amazing.

Ellen & Boyd
Whitecourt, Alberta

Thank you so much!

Hello, I just had to tell you how great NuJoint Plus is! My eight-year-old longhaired miniature dachshund had a serious spinal injury four years ago…he had walked stiffly and avoided playing with our other dogs ever since. Last year I decided to give NuJoint a try upon my vet’s recommendation. Within two weeks, Holland was walking with a spring in his step and after a month he was like a puppy!

He’s now been on it for a year. He wrestles with the cat, plays tug with my Chihuahua-Doxie mix, and runs circles around my grandson. This product changed him from a prematurely aging dog to the rascally little wiener he should be. Thank you so much! This time around, I’m also ordering the NuVetPlus vitamins for all of our dogs.

Deb McBride
Eden Prairie

We believe in them!

When we adopted our 2 yr old rescue dog, Piper, from, they asked us to use NuVet Labs vitamins as part of our commitment to take care of our new dog.  We also began to use them with our current dog Toby. Toby was 13 years old at that time.  Once we started using the vitamins, Toby’s coat became beautifully shiny. Toby just passed away recently and he lived to be 18 years old. We fully believe that NuVet Labs vitamins – helped him live a longer life. We will continue to use these vitamins as long as we have dogs. We believe in them!  Just do it!

Tracey S.
Laguna Woods, CA


Thank you for your amazing product!

After years of suffering my dog Daisy is finally feeling good thanks to NuVet Plus!  She started having skin problems at about 2 and 1/2 years of age. This poor dog has truly suffered a lot…
We have spent thousands of dollars in vet bills, and many doctors have cared for her and tried very hard to help her.  We even traveled hours and spent a lot of money to take her to a dermatologist.
At about 10 years of age she had to spend over a year of her life with a cone on her head most of the time to stop her chewing…
…After checking with our vet for safety, NuVet Plus was my first attempt. We noticed significant improvement within the first 3 weeks of daisy taking NuVet Plus.
We were able to keep her cone off from that point, it’s been a few months and she’s doing great! Her cone is still off and all her fur has grown back 🙂
I want to add that she is still taking 2 (expensive) medications prescribed by her doctors at this point.  I’ve tried taking her off of them, and she starts to have problems again. It’s the addition of the NuVet Plus to her medications that had made all the difference.
Thank you for your amazing product!

Amanda L.
Lewiston, ME

Thank you NuVet – you have a customer for life!

My Blue is a 2 year old, Mini Australian Shepherd that is the sweetest and smartest dog you could imagine. With that though, he is very picky when it comes to food, vitamins – and things that are good for him…I have tried numerous things to help him as he would ‘itch’ terribly – I tried another product that many others had sworn by, and initially it worked as long as I covered the power in his food with something special, like bacon, peanut butter – something very special – and Blue would still eat around and try so hard not to eat this product. After almost a year, and the product stopped working – and I went searching and found NuVet Plus Wafers! When I received the product I wanted to have Blue try it and I held my breath and called it a “treat”… he sat for it…… and LOVED it. He wanted more! I started him with 3 wafers a day as he was itching so bad. That was 3 weeks ago.

Blue hasn’t been itching for over a week and a half, and loves his daily ‘treat’.

I can’t thank you enough for this awesome product. It is well worth the money for 3 month supply.

Thank you NuVet – you have a customer for life!

Jackie F.
Vancouver, WA

My wife and I adopted Remington

My wife and I adopted Remington from a home in southern Utah. He was 18 months old, and had spent a lot of time in the family swimming pool. I suspect that the chlorine damaged his ability to produce the proper oils, as he was so itchy that he could not be touched without causing him to start scratching vigorously.
We brought him here to Colorado, let him play in a pool with non-chlorinated water, and the itching subsided a bit. Until I took him to a river in the mountains and it started over, worse than ever. He also began to shed profusely, and had a lot of white flaking when brushed.
I started looking for a solution and came upon NuVet Plus. We decided to give it a try.
His shedding has calmed down a lot, the flakes are gone and he does not itch any more than most dogs. I have not taken him back to the river, but I will this spring. I am hoping that his ability to produce his natural oils has returned enough that he can enjoy being in the water without a return to his scratching state. He is a Labrador, for Pete’s sake! His coat has always been pretty, but it no longer has that dry brittle feel it had when we first adopted him. It has gotten long with the winter cold and feels healthy and supple.

Michael W.
Colorado Springs, CO

A Happy Canine Again

…Every spring she would start to itch like crazy all over. The top of her head, behind the back of her legs, top of her tail, and even on her underside of the belly. She was scratching…chewing herself…nonstop. I felt so bad for her, she was just miserable. Finally when I started seeing her have open sores and bleeding, I knew I had to do more for my animal, for whom is a part of our family. That’s when the research came in, and I found the answer, of which I was praying going to work for her. I ordered her first 90 day supply of wafers around almost the middle of may, 2015…I began to see results in her after the second week of her taking them, I feel I was blessed to find my miracle for her. Bella no longer really scratches anymore, once in awhile, but it’s not anything like it was. It’s just normal dog itch when they have an itch. She no longer chews on her paws or legs…Thank you so very much for making my dog a happy canine again.

Stephanie & Bella
Cottage Grove, MN

He loves it!

I have been ordering NuVet since I brought Cooper home from my breeder, Nancy Knapp at the age of 9 weeks. He is just shy of 2 1/2 years now and he is strong with lots of energy (sometimes too I give it to him in the morning after his breakfast and he won’t move until he gets it. 🙂 He loves it! So far he has been very healthy and I plan on giving it to him for the rest of his life. I’m so glad Nancy told me about you because I am a firm believer in preventative medicine.
Thank you for being there.

Kathi and Cooper
Los Angeles, CA


I can’t thank you enough

My Isabelle will be 5 yrs old this yr and has seen 5 different vets, because she loses almost her whole coat, her back and both sides equally. She’s seen a dermatologist, a holistic vet, 2 general…I spent probably over 2000 in visits and they all have pretty much washed their hands of helping her to get a healthy coat and even had more than one tell me she’s a healthy, well behaved dog, be thankful and get used to her baldness, it doesn’t bother her, why should it bother you and if you can get used to it, but a doggie t-shirt on her. She goes to daycare and we go to the dog park and sometimes the stares people would give, they would think I had some uncared for abused dog that I was getting medical attention and I’m sure they thought “is it contagious”. She had been on countless pills from melatonin, benadryl, and too many different doses of throid meds and multiple different foods (never tried raw though). She’s been on this vitamin for over a solid yr now and this is the first whole year that she’s had her entire coat intact. All because of NuVet and God for directing me to find NuVet!
I’ve told my vet about NuVet about 8 months ago and will continue to sing my praises about you to him. He’s looked your information up online and said “looks good” and was real happy about some of the ingredients. She is only taking NuVet and has a whole body of Boxer Fur!
Thank you again!

Kathleen M.
Milwaukee, WI

Thanks nuvet for the change to Sarah’s skin and coat

I am writing to tell you about the effects of nuvet on Sarah. She was a rescue dog that I got after hurricane Katrina. She was shepherd mix puppy with really bad skin and coat. The vets told me that nothing could be done for her skin that it was too damaged so I gave her a grain free dog food and her coat improved some.

… I found nuvet on the computer. I gave her 2 wafers every day for 5 weeks and nothing happened so I backed her off to 1 a day and then it happened. Her coat grew thicker than it had ever been…I am very impressed that her skin and hair has improved…

Thanks nuvet for the change to Sarah’s skin and coat.

Bridget H.
East Durham, NY

It’s totally a win win!!!

My Dog Odie wants to be the Poster Pup for NuVet Labs!!! I know they are great for him and all he knows is that they are yummy treats!! It’s totally a win win!!!

I have 3 dogs and they all enjoy the benefits of NuVet Plus. I learned of all the great things about NuVet Plus from the breeder I got my dog Holly Collie from. I thought that if they could do such great things for my puppy that I should also give them to my Puggle (Odie) and my Boston Terrier (Ruby)…I noticed that her…skin was not as red after she had been taking NuVet Plus. Odie’s coat became shiny and softer. Holly was taking NuVet before she was even born because her parents were both on NuVet Plus. It has helped Holly grow into a beautiful dog and she has a great coat.
The dogs absolutely love taking them and they are part of their daily routine. I know that there are many other great benefits of NuVet Plus that are going on inside my dogs and that is why they are so healthy. I know that as my dogs get older, I can count on NuVet Plus to help keep them healthy and happy.

Ronaele S.
Bellingham, MA

I only wish everyone knew of the benefits of NuVet. ☺

We have been giving our dog BuddyLee NuJoint and NuVet multi vitamins for a few years now. BuddyLee is a cocker spaniel / dachshund mix & will be 11 years old in November. By now he should be slowing down…But with the help of NuVet BuddyLee plays like a 5 year old dog. The vet can’t even believe how young he is for his age. I only wish everyone knew of the benefits of NuVet. 🙂 …Thank you NuVet for helping to make BuddyLee so Awesome!

Luis, Christina, & Buddy Lee
Oceanside California

It has made a HUGE difference in our dogs!!!!

Our 4 Belgian Tervuren have been on your supplements Nu-Vet…for almost 2 months now. I want to share with all of you our wonderful results. Over the past years, we have tried many different things to enhance our dog’s health but I have to say this supplement is absolutely the best. Our 14 year old is acting like an 8 year old…running again in the back yard and interacting a lot with the rest of the “family” instead of sleeping on his bed. Our 10 year old girl…is happy and active and feeling SO good. Our two younger boys (2 & 6) are growing tremendous, shiny coats. At times in the past our Belgians have had sensitive stomachs and we have had no vomiting since starting the supplement…One of the most wonderful results however is that we have a different energy level in our home…I would say a better balance of energy…all dogs seems very relaxed and content.
Thank you so much for this wonderful supplement. It has made a HUGE difference in our dogs!!!!

Annie E.
New London, WI